What's new on version 2?

Here you have summarized the new features.

Comparison between (smt)v.1 and (smt)2.0
feature (smt)v.1 (smt)2.0
Logs storage XML MySQL
Cache for HTML logs no yes
Track DOM elements no yes
Visualization API JavaScript ActionScript
K-means clustering no yes
Replay on DOM load no yes
Watch all user trails (clickpath) one per log yes
Infere page and user models no yes
Content Management System very limited yes
Multiuser environment no yes

Ok, but why should i use (smt)?

The great aim is that the system is simple to implement, as much in set up as in use. For that reason, it is not necessary to install additional software neither in the client nor in the server side. It is not either necessary to use a database, although this could be a requirement according to each webmaster needs. !update (smt)2.0 requires a MySQL database, though.

The most direct application is the website usability evaluation from any computer across the world, which supposes a considerable reduction in costs, as opposed to traditional evaluation tests, which usually include in-situ video recording and/or eye tracking. (Both methods need a previous preparation of the environment's work: manual annotations, specific software installation, calibration, timetables, etc.)

Thanks to remote evaluation the user sample is considerably greater, since the number of potential visitors that can enter to a website is huge and more enriching in terms of real data: different users with different computers, different browsers, different computer knowledges... in short a range of possibilities wider than the ones that one can obtain in a lab.

Finally but not less important, the main goal of this application consists of analyzing user behaviour and inferring a visitor profile by means of psychological, social and statistical relations. You can reach this stage when enough representative samples are collected, by looking the user and page models from the CMS.

Finally, this system is open source, free software. You are encouraged to give it a try on your website.