The new (smt)2 version is now hosted at GitHub. You can use a Git client to get the latest source code or download the master ZIP file.


If you use this tool in an academic work, please cite it as: L. A. Leiva and R. Vivó. Web Browsing Behavior Analysis and Interactive Hypervideo. ACM Transactions on the Web 7(4), 2013.

 author   = {Luis A. Leiva and Roberto Viv\'o},
 title    = {Web Browsing Behavior Analysis and Interactive Hypervideo},
 journal  = {ACM Transactions on the Web},
 volume   = {7},
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This toolkit is maintained during my spare (and limited) time. Supporting further development does mean that people is really interested in keeping it growing.

Main line of development

Use this command to check out the latest source code (smt2e version):
git clone https://github.com/luileito/smt2.git smt2e



For general changes, see the changelog.txt file. For specific changes, see the commit information.


Read the (smt)2 documentation at the project's GoogleCode Wiki pages. The main topics are fully covered there.

Research papers

The simple mouse tracking tool is central to the following publications:

The following publications below were my first and second research papers, respectively. I'm not very proud of them, but deep down they tackled a topic that is still hot many years before, which is nice! Feel free to compare also my writing skills to my recent publications ;)