This is a rough live test of (smt)2.0 recording/visualization features

Select one of the above links. Your mouse movements will be recorded for 10 seconds and then a button will appear at the bottom of each page. That mouse data are only available for replaying your session. This is not how (smt)2.0 works, but you can test it online.

Note that the path normalization feature is skewed due to the fact that in these demos the click/hover information is appended at the end of each page, modifying thus its size.

Keyboard shorcuts

When replaying your movements, you can interact with your data by CTRL+clicking on the page (which toggles the control panel).

To pause the replay, press SPACE. To cancel realtime visualization, press ESC.
Note: you must give focus to the tracking layer by clicking once on it before using these shorcuts.